Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jab and Straight

Attended a trial boxing class at Ringside Alabang. Don't hate my smile please..

My friend, the one who invited me, makes fun of how I swing and box because I move too girly. Honestly, I really felt like a boxer and I really tried my best to move more stiffly. Didn't know it made no difference. lol

Enjoyed the whole experience especially the boxing routine and ab workout even though I felt like a novice being side by side the hardcore students, my friend being one of them. The coaches were also considerate enough to not force me to comply when my body cannot do it.

So, the first of the whole routine was jumping rope. Every routine runs 3 minutes followed by a 60-second break. Just the jump rope alone made me feel exhausted. My legs we're wobbly and tired. I really have no exercise before that that's why I'm not surprised I felt that way. However, that was a good start for me.

Secondly, I had a jab and straight exercise with another coach. I did one jab-straight, two jabs-one straight, a four then six. All for a newbie. After this, I again had to bounce on a huge rubber tire like a pro boxer. I bounced with my two arm poised like that on the photo above.

Then comes the AB workout. We were lying on a mat but man, was it difficult. I felt the pain on different parts of my abdomen affected by every exercise.

Next comes the ring battle. It's just another one-on-one with the coach. This is where I told you I tried moving more stiffly but then your friend tells you you look cute - another term for funny.

And last is the jab exercise with a bouncing hanging small box bag. That's how I call it. Haha

Like I said, I really enjoyed this session! And I plan to enroll within the year.

When you go on a trial session like this, never say never. Never look at yourself in the mirror and don't look at others as well. It'll just make you conscious of your moves and theirs.

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