Monday, October 21, 2013

Braces' Progress: 4th Adjustment

Just a recap, I had my brackets three months ago and I've had four adjustments ever since. I'm having my dental braces adjusted every three weeks to hasten the waiting time.

I tried understanding how each accessory work by researching and reading articles online. So, thru the net, I've learned the 101. Below we see what I have inside my mouth; the bracket, arch wire, band and elastic.

Basically, here's what I've gone through:

> Placement of brackets and thin arch wires
> Adjustment 1 - change of O-rings or the elastics (you cannot choose the color to be fair to all patients I guess) I had pink that time. :)
> Adjustment 2 - change elastics (green) and wire from a thinner to a thicker one and placement of four molar band rings (ouch!)
> Adjustment 3 - change of elastics; had orange that time.
> Adjustment 4 which happened yesterday - changed to a much thicker arch wire and new elastics, dark violet this time. Pressure on my teeth is stronger than before. Will be on soft diet again for a few days (hopefully)!

Progress so far of my teeth can be seen on the photo below.

However, these shots are just frontal view of my teeth. What I noticed was my two front teeth went a bit forward. I think maybe its because they aligned themselves to my immovable and huge canine. Hopefully this time the thicker wire will help push my two cuspids backward.

Monday, October 14, 2013

BB Pieras Update

Me after office today with my new BB cream on.

I'm really starting to love this BB...

I tried using it at the office and my skin didn't darken or get oily at all even after 5pm! I also noticed that my face still had that fresh-in-the-morning glow in the afternoon. I have to know where my sis-in-law bought this!!!
I only needed the excess cream sticking at the mouth of the tube to cover my face and neck. No need to squeeze an extra. :)

The swatches above show how well it really blends on my dark skin. ;)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My MAC Holy Grail

These two are my staple Mac makeups. Select Moisturecover concealer in NW30 and Studio Fix powder in NC40.

I love this two simply because of their coverage. I was previously using studio fix concealer. I even emptied two pots in more than two years. So, the select moisture would be my third MAC concealer.

I changed from Studio Fix to Select Moisturecover concealer because my eyes were very creasy indicating how dry and aged it has become because of my previous concealer. Select moisturecover was recommended by a MAC consultant in Singapore and that's when I thought I really had to shift.

As I've mentioned, I love the coverage. It's subtle but you know there's makeup there. 

On the photo above are the swatches. First photo on the left shows an unblended Select Moisturecover concealer while on the right, blended and topped with powder. Tried this together with my light-colored Bb cream and it was all a perfect match! :)

My Very First Own BB

Got a BB cream from my sister-in-law. She's a big BB cream fan and actually, I really am not. The reason is, I find it hard to search the perfect one for my skin tone. I'm naturally morena and my skin's medium warm to be exact.

So anyways, still tried her BB and amazingly it blended perfectly on my skin! :)

It looks kinda oily though but, overall, it made my skin look lighter and healthier. It gave my skin an illuminating glow. It also made it look flawless. I'm surprised how it blended well even when the BB is light in color.

Actually, I only applied a very small amount then just spread it evenly. Only used those sticking on the cover and t'was more than enough. Just applied some on my neck as well to make it more even.

Here's the cream! It's my first time to use this brand but it really made a good impression. I'm just happy with my very first BB!

Sunday Dresses

My kaartehan/ kakiyanan shows a lot on weekends since its the only time I can dress up and be girly. :)

Good thing about these outfits are all of them were from the overruns store. F21 clothes in more affordable prices! :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Braces' Progress

I'm overall happy with the progress of my teeth over the past three months.

As I've mentioned before, I had my braces at Bonoan Dental Clinic.

I'm on my 3rd adjustment and my rubbers are now color orange. Will just take a picture before I have my fourth adjustment which will happen in 2 weeks time. I have my adjustment every three weeks.

As I remember, here's what they did since they affixed the brackets.

Adjustment 1 - change of O-rings or the elastics (you cannot choose the color to be fair to all patients I guess) I had pink that time. :)
Adjustment 2 - change elastics (green) and wire from a thinner to a thicker one and placement of four molar band rings (ouch!)
Adjustment 3 - change elastics; had orange this time

Here's a photo of the molar band as found on the net:

It doesn't hurt now compared to the first two weeks when I lost 5 lbs because I really couldn't eat anything solid. Now, everything's just normal. But I'm not sure if it would still be the same on my next adjustments. ;P

I'm just glad the crowding on my bottom and upper teeth improved a lot already.

First Real Hair Color

I just had my first hair color. Well, it's actually my second but the first one, which was last year was dark brown and was not really that noticeable.

My hair is really black. As in, jet black. And I was thinking, since black doesn't really flatter my skin much especially when I'm wearing black dresses/ clothes, why not change my hair color to something that will complement my skin tone?

So, considering this as my first real change of hair color, I tried researching on the best shade for medium warm skin tone. Some of the Hollywood celebs that appeared on my internet browser were Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba. I would consider Kim K.'s skin color to be nearest mine. So, I downloaded a few that I liked the most.

Unfortunately, my husband didn't approve the highlights. To him it looks untidy.

Because of that, I resolved in using a hair makeover app/website to see what hair color would suit me. I used The experience was fun because you get to input your hair and eye color as they assess your hair's current state. Just make sure to input honest answers for it to be able to showcase the best color for you. You will also state when's your last treatment and hair color and other important stuffs.

After answering, I was given selected shades that the app sees suitable for me, given all my answers. I had different options from dark brown to soft black. I've chosen copper golden.

I was hoping this color would look great on me. Though I didn't really dislike the outcome, I'm still trying to get myself used to it.

Here's the end result. Copper blonde/ copper golden on me looks red in yellow lighting and yellow/ blonde in white lighting. Like I said, still getting used to it! :)