Monday, October 14, 2013

BB Pieras Update

Me after office today with my new BB cream on.

I'm really starting to love this BB...

I tried using it at the office and my skin didn't darken or get oily at all even after 5pm! I also noticed that my face still had that fresh-in-the-morning glow in the afternoon. I have to know where my sis-in-law bought this!!!
I only needed the excess cream sticking at the mouth of the tube to cover my face and neck. No need to squeeze an extra. :)

The swatches above show how well it really blends on my dark skin. ;)


  1. This is interesting. It's hard to find a good BB Cream that will look good on our morena skin. Currently, I'm loving SanSan's :)


    1. I actually gave up finding a good BB for me.

    2. I'm just glad I found one that suits me. Sorry for the multiple replies. My iPads not doing me good.

  2. Buti may nakita ka na bagay sa morena skin mo, I’m glad for you Kikay <3

    ~Pauline @Kallony


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