Monday, October 21, 2013

Braces' Progress: 4th Adjustment

Just a recap, I had my brackets three months ago and I've had four adjustments ever since. I'm having my dental braces adjusted every three weeks to hasten the waiting time.

I tried understanding how each accessory work by researching and reading articles online. So, thru the net, I've learned the 101. Below we see what I have inside my mouth; the bracket, arch wire, band and elastic.

Basically, here's what I've gone through:

> Placement of brackets and thin arch wires
> Adjustment 1 - change of O-rings or the elastics (you cannot choose the color to be fair to all patients I guess) I had pink that time. :)
> Adjustment 2 - change elastics (green) and wire from a thinner to a thicker one and placement of four molar band rings (ouch!)
> Adjustment 3 - change of elastics; had orange that time.
> Adjustment 4 which happened yesterday - changed to a much thicker arch wire and new elastics, dark violet this time. Pressure on my teeth is stronger than before. Will be on soft diet again for a few days (hopefully)!

Progress so far of my teeth can be seen on the photo below.

However, these shots are just frontal view of my teeth. What I noticed was my two front teeth went a bit forward. I think maybe its because they aligned themselves to my immovable and huge canine. Hopefully this time the thicker wire will help push my two cuspids backward.

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  1. hello ms.kikaymorena., pwede mo po ba ako mairefer sa Bonoan Dental Clinic. Gusto ko rin po kc mag pa braces dis December. Im so Happy na maganda ang Progress ng teeth mo. Thank you po.


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