Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Very First Own BB

Got a BB cream from my sister-in-law. She's a big BB cream fan and actually, I really am not. The reason is, I find it hard to search the perfect one for my skin tone. I'm naturally morena and my skin's medium warm to be exact.

So anyways, still tried her BB and amazingly it blended perfectly on my skin! :)

It looks kinda oily though but, overall, it made my skin look lighter and healthier. It gave my skin an illuminating glow. It also made it look flawless. I'm surprised how it blended well even when the BB is light in color.

Actually, I only applied a very small amount then just spread it evenly. Only used those sticking on the cover and t'was more than enough. Just applied some on my neck as well to make it more even.

Here's the cream! It's my first time to use this brand but it really made a good impression. I'm just happy with my very first BB!

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  1. Hi! Where can I possibly buy that brand of BB and how much does it cost?


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