Friday, December 26, 2014

Brackets & Wires update (Bonoan Dental)

My dental braces are 1 year and 5 months older and according to My dentist in Bonoan, its due for (as termed by them) locking next month. The "lock" will stay for 4 months before they completely remove my braces.

Before and beginning of braces:

Unfortunately, I am still not happy with my bite because when viewed sideways, there's a minor malocclusion/ overbite. I have raised this concern to my doctor several times but I don't feel like this calls their attention at all. So, here's the side view picture of my teeth.

Leftside view:

Rightside view:

I still hope my bite will get better in four months time and that my dentist will address this concern soon.

I know I'm not an ortho specialist, hence, I have no say in this, but I think having braces and going through the process should at least give me the result I expected. Given also that I've paid for it.

A normal occlusion is when both upper and lower front teeth and molars are aligned and in contact with each other which obviously is not the status of my teeth.

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to a better smile next year!