Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Post braces blues: Bonoan Dental Clinic Alabang Review Part 1

I regret that I had my braces done and removed by Bonoan at the time that I had to. It's mainly because the gap left by the upper teeth molar bands hurt a lot and is causing me too much pain!!!

It's been more than 2 months since my contract ended and since then, I always suffer after eating :(

My gums swell and the pain is really discomforting. I am not sure why there's a gap in between my molars. I thought the slit needed for bands to fit in shouldn't be that wide. And at least, they should have closed the gap after removing the bands. Now, aside from the pain, there's cavity in between both teeth that might cost me even more!

When Bonoan Alabang removed my braces, they said everything's fine. So, why is this happening? The caity should have been prevented if they did not leave that gap open an prone to plaque from all sorts of food I'm eating.

I am not happy with my teeth and most certainly, I am not happy with how the braces gap affects me. I lost weight because of this.

The worst part is, I know that when you raise a concern to them, they will tag you as "MRT" also known as Maarte.

I wouldn't recommend Bonoan Alabang simply because the customer service is very limiting and doesn't provide satisfaction. You will simply be treated as a paying customer of an affordable dental package. When really, P35000 is not of no value to a regular employee like me.

...My gums really hurt. :(