Monday, January 18, 2016

Bonoan Dental Clinic Alabang Review Part 2

I wouldn't recommend Bonoan Alabang after seeing the result of having my dental braces with them for two years.

I had my braces removed July last year (6 months ago) and until now, I am suffering from the slits they made in my upper molars so they can place and fit in the molar bands. I am not sure why they made those slits and did not do anything to make sure the gap would close after they removed it. Now the gaps left by the slits hurt a lot and is causing tooth decay. Sadly, I have to pay additional fee for them to fix it when in fact they should have not made those slits considering they're molars! Shouldn't dental spaces be created without having to slit the molars themselves thru separators, spacers, etc.? I guess it's one of the cons of having cheap, commercialized dental braces. Tendency is the dentists doing their turn in checking your teeth won't have real customer service, personal care or concern. This is the sad truth, really. This has been my experience with them for the past two years. Everytime I raise a concern, there's always a defense or justification like when I asked if they can make my teeth move inwards since I don't want it portrude - their answer is, it's my normal facial profile, why my teeth is slanted - it's not slanted, why my other teeth not aligned - it's thicker.. Etc, etc, etc. At the end of my 2 year contract, I saw that I was tagged as MRT (Maarte) in my dental record but still didn't like the outcome considering I was tagged as "maarte" already, still they did not make any actions to address my concerns. Unfortunately, my hard earned money doesn't matter to them as my opinions, concerns, and suggestions for my own teeth, don't matter to them. What matters is how they want to do it and how to finish your dental contract. Very, very poor customer service and no professionalism at all. Good service, I guess, doesn't come cheap.

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