Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Preggy Diary: Last Hurrah

I am excited to reach our finish line but at the same time feeling tired already with all my daily/weekly/monthly medication routine.

This journey surely wasn't the most pleasurable and momentous of all but I am still grateful that I have a little angel princess named Sky wriggling inside my tummy despite the bruises and bumps resulting from our never ending nightly and daily injections.

My elephant-looking hands and feet caused by Edema are all nothing compared to the reassuring fact that our Sky is finally picking her weight up before D-day approaches.

And even though I see all the changes in my body - pimples, pigments and all - knowing she is healthy, well and complete still gives smile to my now different skin.

I know this journey will soon come to an end but I want us to reach the end at the time most perfect for my baby. 

I love you my Selah Khloe Ysabel. You are my most precious gift.